Norman Bates And His Mother Are The Cutest Couple On TV

Yeah, I ship Norma and Norman on Bates Motel. Who are you to judge?

1. Poor Norman Bates. He’s a romantic at heart.

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2. He’s not like other guys.

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3. That’s because he loves his mother. A lot!

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4. Some might say too much.

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5. Of course Norman is going to keep choosing his mother over other girls. Family is family.

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6. They’re always there for each other.

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7. Don’t make that face.

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8. What’s wrong with a mother and son being close?

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9. Seriously enough with the judgment.

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10. And so what if Norman calls her “Mother”?

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12. You think it’s weird? Maybe YOU’RE weird.

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13. Norma and Norman are the sane ones. Everyone else is crazy.

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15. Sure, they fight sometimes.

ID: 1179242

18. But they always make up!

ID: 1179251

19. And snuggle.

ID: 1179253

20. Look how happy they are.

ID: 1179257

22. OK, so maybe things are a little rough and confusing right now.

ID: 1179270

23. There’s so much crap to deal with.

ID: 1179272

24. And no one appreciates the special bond these two share.

ID: 1179273

25. But try not to let it get you down.

ID: 1179275

26. Norman and Norma will find a way to make it wrok.

ID: 1179282

27. And you know they’ll be together in the end.

ID: 1179301

28. Ain’t love grand?

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