Nico Tortorella Is Your New TV Crush

If you’re not already in love with The Following’s Nico Tortorella, you should be.

1. This is Nico Tortorella.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 840512

2. He’s got boy next door charm.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images
ID: 840529

3. But he’s also a male model.

ID: 840534

4. A really good one.

ID: 840539

5. Sometimes he wears really intense outfits on the red carpet.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
ID: 840548

6. It’s OK, though. He’s a model.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
ID: 840558

7. Check out the gloves. Model.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images
ID: 840566

8. Model.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
ID: 840570

9. You might remember him from “Scream 4.”

Dimension Films
ID: 840593

10. Or “Make It or Break It.”

ABC Family
ID: 840860

11. Or “The Beautiful Life.”

The CW
ID: 840863

12. Now Nico and his hair are regulars on “The Following.”


Airing tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX!

ID: 840622

13. Good on him for breaking into legitimate acting. But can he keep modeling?

ID: 840632

14. I mean, seriously.

ID: 840638

15. Come on.

ID: 840645

16. Still not crushing hard?

ID: 840650

17. Seriously?

ID: 840665

18. Fine. One more piece of evidence. But this may destroy you.

ID: 840669

19. It’s Nico and a puppy.

ID: 840683

20. It’s all too much.

ID: 840690

21. That’s it. I think we’ve seen enough.

ID: 840696

22. OK, one more.

You’re welcome.

ID: 840699

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