27 Moments You’ll Never Forget From The "Buffy" Series Finale

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since “Chosen” aired?

1. When Buffy just wanted to bask.

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2. And the subsequent cookie dough analogy.

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3. When Dawn kicked Buffy for sending her away.

ID: 1192955

4. Spike’s amazingly accurate drawing of Angel.

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5. When Buffy suggested Spike and Angel oil wrestle their differences away.

ID: 1192836

6. And when she let Spike know he was a champion.

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7. When The First appeared as Buffy to try to psych her out.

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8. When they prepared for battle.

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9. And Anya slept through it.

ID: 1192924

10. When Buffy called Xander her strength.

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11. When the core four were together for what might have been the last time.

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12. When Anya and Andrew held it down.

ID: 1192773

13. When Willow activated the scythe and her hair turned white.

ID: 1192814

14. And all the potentials were activated.

ID: 1192978

15. And girls everywhere got chosen.

ID: 1192817

16. Meanwhile, Willow was totally high.

ID: 1192982

17. When Buffy gave Faith the scythe.

ID: 1192721

18. And when she wanted The First to get out of her face.

ID: 1192725

19. When Buffy told Spike that she loved him. And he didn’t believe her.

ID: 1192689

20. And their hands caught fire.

ID: 1192767

21. When Anya died saving Andrew’s life.

ID: 1192820

22. And Spike died saving everyone.

ID: 1192797

23. When Xander tried to find Anya, BUT SHE WAS DEAD.

ID: 1192762

24. And then when Andrew told him.

ID: 1192911

25. When the Sunnydale sign fell into the hellmouth.

ID: 1192875

26. The final line of the series.

ID: 1192740

27. And the perfect last shot.

ID: 1192745

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