“Mistresses” Is The Best Worst Show On TV

Is anyone else watching ABC’s steamy late-night soap Mistresses? It’s grade-A garbage.

1. Mistresses is not a good show.


In fact, it’s kind of terrible. So why can’t I stop watching?

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2. It’s ostensibly a show about friendship.

These four women are there for each other, no matter what each one is going through. The show does a good job of underlining the unbreakable bond between them.

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3. But really, it’s a show about doin’ it.

Specifically with someone who isn’t your spouse. And that is great. The main draw of a late-night soap is steamy love scenes and partner swapping. Let’s be grateful that Mistresses is able to cut through the bullshit.

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4. Like, EVERYONE cheats.

And it’s totally salacious.

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5. And then they talk about it, endlessly.

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Via augwins.

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7. And they do it all in public, even when the conversation moves from infidelity to assisted suicide.

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Via augwins.

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9. There are laughs.


Via n-riverass.

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10. And sass.


Via thelostie.

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11. And TEARS. Obviously.

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12. Look, I’m not going to lie to you: this isn’t quality TV.


But it’s the summer. What are you doing that you can’t make time in your schedule for something trashy and absurd?

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13. Would it help if I told you Sun from Lost is in it?

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14. And that there are hot guys?

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15. And that Alyssa Milano is stubbornly refusing to age?



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16. You can even fast-forward to the sex scenes.


There are plenty to choose from!

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17. I won’t tell anyone.

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18. You need to be watching Mistresses, not because it’s great TV…

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19. …but because I can’t do this alone.

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