22 Life Lessons From Ramona Singer

Get the pinot ready.

1. Own your flaws.

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2. And your strengths.

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3. Be clear about your wants and needs.

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4. Always make sure you’re being heard.

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5. And don’t be afraid to call people out when you feel that you’re not.

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6. Be the savviest person in any situation.

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7. Give practical advice.

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8. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you’re bored with a conversation topic.

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9. Or an activity.

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10. Look for creative solutions to feelings of ennui.

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11. And spread your truth.

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12. Don’t let anyone else police your fun.

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13. Don’t waste your time with lesser beings.

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14. Especially when you’ve already given them a second chance.

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15. Don’t let their flattery fool you.

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16. Surround yourself with friends who understand you.

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17. And people who can anticipate your needs.

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18. Treat others with kindness whenever possible.

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19. And when you do have to be aggressive, mind your language.

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20. Be sure to put a positive spin on every situation.

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21. Walk proudly and with purpose.

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22. And always celebrate life.

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