How To Make A Sofia Coppola Movie

You’ll need a vapid lead and lots of existential angst. Oh, and a bed.

1. Start with a seemingly vapid lead.

ID: 1272671

2. But remember that she’s actually just misunderstood.

ID: 1272674

3. Make sure she’s lost and confused.

ID: 1272682

4. And having an existential crisis.

ID: 1272686

5. Because she’s trying to keep up with society’s impossible demands.

ID: 1272688

6. Or adjusting to a new identity.

ID: 1272693

7. Or faced with responsibilities she can’t handle.

ID: 1272706

8. Whatever the case may be, she’s trapped.

ID: 1272819

9. The main character should spend a lot of time in bed.

ID: 1272709

10. Because bed is a safe space.

ID: 1272715

11. And also she’s kind of lazy.

ID: 1272725

12. Plus, beds can be shared. The possibilities are endless, really.

ID: 1272798

13. Maybe she doesn’t even need a bed.

ID: 1272827

14. Criticize opulence.

ID: 1272742

15. And celebrity culture.

ID: 1272747

16. And excess.

ID: 1272749

17. But also: embrace opulence.

ID: 1272770

18. And celebrity culture.

ID: 1272769

19. And excess.

ID: 1272768

20. Tease an emotional core.

ID: 1272774

21. But always focus on style over substance.

ID: 1272776

22. The movie should look like a really well made music video.

ID: 1272779

23. Like the best music video you can imagine.

ID: 1272787

24. Poetic visuals go a long way.

ID: 1272838

25. Distract the audience with bright lights.

ID: 1272804

29. Use a modern pop score no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.

ID: 1272813

30. In the end, no one will mind if it feels a little vapid.

ID: 1272843

31. Remember, you don’t really have to SAY anything.

ID: 1272847

32. You just have to pretend.

ID: 1272841

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