25 Reasons "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" Is An Underrated Classic

The 2009 animated film is smart, funny, and moving. With the sequel hitting theaters on Friday, Sept. 27, let’s revisit the magic of the original.

1. Because food raining from the sky is everyone’s secret fantasy.

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2. Along with stepping into Jell-O.

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3. And swimming in ice cream.

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4. And bathing in nacho cheese.

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5. Basically, this is the best and worst movie if you’re hungry.

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6. It also perfectly captures a childlike sense of wonder.

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7. Mostly thanks to the character Flint Lockwood.

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8. Inside, he’s still a little kid with big dreams.

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9. An overeager nerd who wants to have all the answers, even when he doesn’t.

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10. He’s just so charmingly LAME.

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11. But there’s also so much to love about Sam Sparks. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

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12. And she’s a CLOSET NERD.

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13. And Flint likes her even better that way.

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14. Their relationship reminds us how two people who seem so different have more in common than you’d think.

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15. Even though she’s totally out of his league.

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16. Plus, the movie is gorgeous.

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17. And so COLORFUL.

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18. And we’ve all felt like Flint.

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19. Some of us still do.

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20. But as the film reminds us, hard work and perseverance pay off.

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21. The geek gets the girl.

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22. And saves the day.

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23. And we all cheer.

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24. And cry.

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25. OK, maybe not cry.

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