Charlie Chaplin Was A Hunk

The silent film star should also be remembered for his hotness.

1. Surely you’re familiar with Charlie Chaplin.

ID: 1024296

2. He was always pretty cute.

ID: 1024303

3. But did you know that he used to be TOTALLY DOABLE?

ID: 1024310

4. Oh, hey, what’s up.

ID: 1024334

5. This is proof that every hipster should shave his dumb mustache.

ID: 1024337

6. So sexy and unkempt.

ID: 1024356

7. I think we all agree that he could get it, right?

ID: 1024348

8. Oh, fun fact. Charlie Chaplin’s penis was legendary.

ID: 1024368

9. His junk was called “The Eighth Wonder of the World.”

ID: 1024397

10. So here’s to you, Charlie Chaplin.

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11. A gifted comic actor.

ID: 1024429

12. And a certified hottie.

ID: 1024463

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