• lolobentley

      I’ve always felt creative, one of those kids who wanted to be an artist when they grow up, someone who dragged their paints and colored pencils into the yard when told to go play outside. Once I realized I wasn’t talented enough to be an artist I went to school for art history picturing myself working in galleries or art museums. But I just didn’t love it. There were things I found interesting but I wasn’t passionate. I was nannying at the time, putting myself through school, and I was always cooking for the families I worked for. Not just mac and cheese for the kids but entire meals for the whole family. I realized that cooking was my creative passion. I started working part time as a kitchen assistant at a cooking school and getting jobs as a personal chef. I thought about restaurant work but ultimately decided I liked the closeness of working directly with people and families and the freedom to make my own food rather than someone else’s dishes night after night. I now teach cooking classes and run a culinary program as an assistant resident chef and love my job. I used to fear the responses when someone would ask what culinary school I went to but when I tell people I’m self taught I get the most inspired and impressed reactions which makes me even happier I chose the path I did.