Billy Clinton’s Got Swag!

Ever imagine what Bill Clinton’s vinyl record collection might look like?


You don’t make it through two terms as President without some anxiety issues.

5. “What do these guys have that I don’t?!”

“You boy bands can keep your perfectly chiseled abs. I can play a real instrument.”

7. “Oh you don’t know these albums? You’re clearly too mainstream to be in my company.”

Just look at Bill’s hipster swag.

9. “I love girl power!”

11. You know Bill Clinton probably listens to some rap.

“Hey Barack, thanks for hooking me up with those Jay-Z tickets”

13. “What is this Bieber Fever about?”

15. “Maybe this will get me some more red state votes…”

16. Poor Bill threw up in his mouth a little bit when he tried to imagine what Chavril’s music would sound like.


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