56 Awesome NOH8 Celebrity Portraits

The NOH8 Campaign is such a wonderful part of the LGBT movement.

1. Kathy Griffin and company

Kathy’s mom is so great.

ID: 814915

2. Steve-O

Love you, mean it.

ID: 814918

3. Jane Lynch

Oh, Sue Sylvester.

ID: 814923

4. David Yost

Better known as Billy, the original blue Power Ranger.

ID: 814930

5. More Power Rangers!

Erin Cahill, Vernon Wells, and Jason Faunt are from Power Rangers: Time Force.

ID: 814953

6. Weird Al Yankovic

How I wish he were still relevant.

ID: 814957

7. Shanna Moakler

Former Miss USA and also former wife of Travis Barker, drummer for Blink-182.

ID: 814965

8. Lieutenant Dan Choi

Lt. Choi is an Iraq War veteran that was instrumental in overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

ID: 814972

9. Dr. Drew

I hope his eyelashes and eyebrows grew back quickly.

ID: 814975

10. Adam Bouska

Photographer and co-founder of the NO H8 campaign.

ID: 814979

11. The Kardashians

At least they have one redeeming quality.

ID: 814982

12. Meghan and Cindy McCain

Senator John McCain’s daughter and wife. This picture is full of WIN.

ID: 814985

13. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

ID: 814987

14. Perez Hilton

I fought the urge to draw all over this picture.

ID: 814990

15. Lance Bass

You’re still so good on the eyes, Lance.

ID: 814996

16. Fran Drescher

Mad respect for Fran Drescher. She and her husband divorced after he came out as gay, but they’re still best friends.

ID: 815003

17. Mel B.

<3 you forever, Scary Spice.

ID: 815013

18. Kat Von D

Finally, an appropriate use for the palm heart tattoo!

ID: 815019

19. Slash


ID: 815017

20. Dave Navarro

ID: 815020

21. Paul Stanley

The star-eyed lead singer of Kiss

ID: 815023

22. Gene Simmons

Bassist of Kiss

ID: 815056

23. Verne Troyer

As if we didn’t love Mini-Me enough already.

ID: 815022

24. Paris Hilton

I actually think this is quite cute.

ID: 815025

25. Emily Lopez

A 9-year-old Autism activist. And apparently one very mature little girl.

ID: 815027

26. Darryl McDaniells

Better known as “DMC” from Run DMC

ID: 815036

27. Lindsay Lohan

ID: 815041

28. Larry King

Yes! Yes yes yes!

ID: 815043

29. Isaiah Washington

This proves that there is always room for retribution and growth. Thanks, Dr. Burke.

ID: 815045

30. Andy Dick

Only you, Andy Dick.

ID: 815046

31. Tatyana Ali

Better known as Ashley Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

ID: 815049

32. Aaron Carter

I kind of want an invitation to Aaron’s party now.

ID: 815050

33. Hoobastank

ID: 815051

34. Kevin McHale

“Artie” from Glee

ID: 815053

35. George Takei

Live long and prosper.

ID: 815054

36. Lavar Burton

Lavar Burton is a fantastic human being.

ID: 815128

37. Eliza Dushku

That’s it. I’m ready for another Dollhouse marathon on Netflix.

ID: 815060

38. Jeff Probst

ID: 815061

39. Duane Chapman

Yes, folks. That is Dog the Bounty Hunter!

ID: 815064

40. Madison Hildebrand

Realtor from Million Dollar Listing

ID: 815076

41. Bob Guiney

From the first season of The Bachelor

ID: 815086

42. Tori Spelling and family

How precious!

ID: 815089

43. David Hasselhoff

Two thumbs up indeed.

ID: 815093

44. LeAnn Rimes

ID: 815098

45. Keenan Cahill

The unforgettable lip-syncing kid from YouTube

ID: 815101

46. Vanessa Carlton

Go ahead and listen to A Thousand Miles. You know you want to.

ID: 815109

47. Courtney Love

ID: 815112

48. Rebecca Black

Yep. It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

ID: 815114

49. Christina Perri

Of course she’s holding a jar of hearts.

ID: 815124

50. Taye Diggs

ID: 815126

51. Rob Thomas

of Matchbox Twenty

ID: 815132

52. Ricki Lake

ID: 815134

53. fun.

ID: 815133

54. James Van Der Beek

My love for him has only grown stronger since Dawson’s Creek.

ID: 815125

55. Raven Symone

That’s just so Raven.

ID: 815121

56. Ricky Martin

ID: 815131

Visit the NOH8 Campaign website for many, many more heartwarming photos!

ID: 815138

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