25 Bizarre Gifts For Bacon Lovers

If you wanted to, you could be buried wearing your bacon bra, inside of a bacon coffin, surrounded by bacon bouquets.

1. A Bacon Bouquet

Bacon bouquets. Valentine’s Day. Make it happen.

ID: 855210

2. Bacon Bra

That can’t feel comfortable.

ID: 855212

3. A Bacon Coffin

And it’s only $2,999.99!

ID: 855249

4. A Bacon Cabin

Cousin to the gingerbread house.

ID: 855214

5. Bacon Soap

Hopefully, no postal workers use this soap.

ID: 855217

6. Bacon Toothpaste

No. Just no.

ID: 855219

7. A Bacon Wallet

Probably the end result of a bad “bringing home the bacon” pun.

ID: 855223

8. Squeez Bacon

So like, liquid-ish bacon?

ID: 855232

9. Bacon Lube

Lube that tastes like bacon. Inventive.

ID: 855234

10. Bacon Beans

This goes right along with Harry Potter’s bizarre jelly beans.

ID: 855240

11. Bacon Soda

This has gone too far!

ID: 855247

12. Bacon Lip Balm

The combination of bacon and chapstick can’t taste that good.

ID: 855252

13. Bacon Shaving Cream

“A rich bacon lather for all skin types”

ID: 855258

14. Bacon Band-Aids

Because why not? And what was the free toy?

ID: 855266

15. A Bacon Briefcase

A sure-fire way to be taken seriously at work.

ID: 855265

16. Bacon Dental Floss

To help get the bacon out of your teeth. Obviously.

ID: 855268

17. Bacon Frosting

Paula Deen probably uses it.

ID: 855271

18. A Bacon Christmas Tree Ornament

Perfect for a tacky tree.

ID: 855293

19. A Bacon Dish Towel

Only it really just looks like a bloody towel. It would go well in Dexter’s apartment.

ID: 855295

20. Bacon Gumballs

You can blow huge bacon bubbles with it.

ID: 855289

21. Bacon Flavored Baby Formula


ID: 855261

22. A Bacon Mug

There are plenty of happy frat boys right now.

ID: 855277

23. Bacon Vodka

“Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.”

ID: 855285

24. Bacon Rolling Papers

Wouldn’t bacon rolling papers just kick-start the munchies?

ID: 855283

25. Bacon Air

An inhaler that is filled with bacon-flavored air….

ID: 855280

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