12 Of George Takei’s Greatest Punny Facebook Posts Of 2013 So Far

There is a reason this man is a Facebook God.

This man has mastered the art of the pun. Here are 12 instant classics from the first weeks of 2013!

1. “Tard-y to the party.”

2. “Pie and circumference are related.”

3. “Beaker-ful who you work for…”

4. “When it’s time to cache out…”

5. “Hairy Pouter.”

6. “Hell Hoth no furry.”

7. “He’s on a roll.”

8. “From a friend, who also noted that, apparently, Russell can’t Crowe.”

9. “Low key, or high strung?”

10. “This one’s on the mark.”

11. “Sent from a fan this was.”

12. “He likes his cookies chewy.”

We love you, George.

Live long and prosper, bud.

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