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    • LKayLeighM

      Allow me to preface this by saying: SELF DEPRICATION IS THE KEY TO BEING HUMBLE, and as a white person I find this hilariously accurate. HOWEVER, (cue the collective “white person on a soapbox” sigh) THIS. IS. NOT. THE. TIME. FOR. SUCH. A. POST. For the sake of a “witty” post the author has triggered the all too familiar race argument…again. And for what reason? At any other point in history, this would have gone over with an LOL from most white people who can step back and laugh at themselves. But why now? Why run the risk of furthering the racial divide for the sake of a laugh? Because this was not intended for a laugh, at least not from “white people”. This was intended to test boundaries and spark controversy, and the author got just that. He is basically getting his kicks in on the white race in the form of humor so that if there is any backlash then it looks UNJUSTIFIED and this adds more fuel to the black and white agenda, (YES PEOPLE, BOTH ENDS).  So congratulations Pedro, you have accomplished what you set out to do. Silently cause more tension in a world that is desperate for love and acceptance of one another. This article accomplished nothing constructive in the sense of race relations and sadly that is not what we need right now. So, how about as a society together we re-evaluate what we put out beforehand and ask ourselves, “will this help, or hinder a greater issue as a whole.” Elementary, I know, but unfortunately that is where we are, and until it’s fixed articles such as this have no place in a wounded world.