What It’s Like To Be An Art Student

All art students dread critiques. What better way to convey that than through Harry Potter GIFs?

1. When your skill is overlooked and are judged for concept

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2. When someone says to make changes before hand and then hates them during crit

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3. How it feels to be asked to describe your work

ID: 959293

4. When you really like a piece but are scared others won’t

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5. When the crit goes over the time limit

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6. When your best friend has to present first

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7. There’s always the crazy person whose ideas are irrelevant

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8. When there’s food

ID: 960664

9. “Are there any more comments”….”Oh yeah just….”

ID: 959305

10. When someone’s art is just really effing weird

ID: 959306

11. When someone’s work really surprises you

ID: 959316

12. When someone insults your friend’s piece you know they worked hard on

ID: 959307

13. The student that thinks peeing on themselves is art

ID: 960661

14. How it feels to go after someone who did really well

ID: 960665

15. Trying to make someone feel better after a bad critique

ID: 959318

16. When a review gets weirdly personal and off topic

ID: 959308

17. By the time you get to the last few people..

ID: 959320

18. When the crit is finally over and nothing makes sense in the world anymore

ID: 959304

19. “We’ll email you how you did later….”

ID: 959315

20. Everyone’s final parting words

ID: 959309

21. When you walk outside 6 hours later…

ID: 959310

22. …when you get home

ID: 959317

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