Everything You Need To Know About Buster From Arrested Development

“hey brother”

1. This is Buster

2. He is the youngest sibling in the Bluth family

3. Buster acts very childish although he is in his 30’s

6. Buster is easily overwhelmed and suffers from panic attacks

8. His mother, Lucille, coddled him very much, resulting in his many quirks.

10. One Day a Michael Moore impersonator pressured Lucille to enlist Buster in the Army

13. But then he lost his hand to a seal when swimming the in the ocean…

14. It was a whole big thing…

15. Needless to say things just got more awkward for Buster

16. He decided to stay out of the spotlight and not be seen nor heard

19. When he did make an appearance it was epic

27. He eventually became comfortable with his missing limb

28. But continued to lack social skills

29. He tried to make friends

32. But that didn’t go well

33. Did I mention he dated Liza Minnelli..

34. I mean Lucille Austero… Lucille 2

35. He liked her almost as much as he likes Juice

37. For the record Buster did NOT join a gang

38. Because he is an ARMy of ONE

39. No pun intended.

40. THE END!

SNEAK PEEK of Buster Bluth in the New Season of Arrested Development Out this May!

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