15 Signs Your Relationship Is Over, As Told By "Friends"

Dust yourself off and try again!

1. A third party gets involved

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2. One of you suggest couples therapy

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3. A list of wrongdoings is made

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4. Neither of you will apologize

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5. When you are being serious and the other person laughs

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6. You cannot get through a conversation without a sarcastic eye roll

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7. Deep breaths and counting turn into head shakes and cursing

ID: 1125972

8. Neither of you make good arguments

ID: 1125981

9. You can’t help but mock each other

ID: 1126100

10. Your friends fear for their life when you’re together

ID: 1125982

11. You change their contact to “Don’t Pick Up”

ID: 1125983

12. You disconnect by unfollowing, untagging, deleting, defriending, and blocking that person on social networks.

ID: 1125984

13. The last text you sent included the phrase “and another thing”

ID: 1125990

14. You both stop making the effort

ID: 1125999

15. And finally you announce to the world

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But when it ends, don’t be bitter

ID: 1126185

Instead, Rejoice!

ID: 1126112

Enjoy The Single Life

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