What It Feels Like To Be Going Through Midterm Week

Because nothing strikes fear into the hearts of college students everywhere like midterms … well, except for maybe finals.

1. At the start of the semester you’re feeling pretty good about all your classes

You totally have all that useful knowledge from high school to back you up! You’re gonna dominate this college stuff!

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2. So naturally you partake in your typical college activities

Who’s awesome? YOU’RE AWESOME

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3. And when you’re not busy being the life of the party, you take some much needed time to just relax

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4. Meanwhile in class you’re like

If you even bother to show up at all.

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5. Then out of nowhere your professor tells you the midterm is next week and you’re like

Because who actually pays attention to the syllabus???

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6. You get a study guide and feel OK, until you actually try to fill it out

Did we cover this material? Is this even relevant? Did I really miss this much information while I was on Pinterest instead of listening?

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7. Suddenly studying consumes your whole life and you slowly begin to deteriorate

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8. When you briefly surface from studying, you run into friends who somehow don’t have any exams or don’t seem stressed at all


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9. You begin trying less conventional methods of preparation, and may even begin appealing to religious figures for help

But sadly, not even becoming like Beyonce will help you pass that bio exam

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10. Then the inevitable happens, and it’s time for your exam

May God have mercy on your soul

ID: 1870335

11. You read the first page of multiple choice and you’re like

You know all these answers, your studying has paid off, and you’re gonna ACE THIS BITCH!!!

ID: 1870339

12. Then you get to the dreaded “short answer” section

The death trap of all exams, because each professor has a different definition of what a “short answer” is

ID: 1870341

13. You start scribbling away, writing every single relevant fact you can remember

ID: 1870345

14. Eventually your arguments begin to deteriorate and turn into something like this

Your hand is cramping, your brain is tired, and philosophy is hard.

ID: 1870351

15. You finish the exam and no matter how you did this is your reaction

because pass or fail, at least IT’S OVER

ID: 1870287

16. You triumphantly stride out of the classroom and away from all responsibility!

…at least until finals

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