12 Superhero Pets To Save Your Day

Turns out the power is all in the cape. Who knew?

1. “Watch the bookshelf, Winston! I’ll be baaaaaack!” / Via Reddit: True_Story_/ Lindsey Robertson

2. “Wherever there is feline injustice, I’LL be there!” / Via Reddit: sprohi/ Lindsey Robertson

3. “Carrots quake before me!” / Via Reddit: waboos/ Lindsey Robertson

4. “Here I go, off into the sunset!” / Via Reddit: papitomamasita/ Lindsey Robertson

5. “I may not be home in time for my cat-nap. Don’t wait up!” / Via Reddit: alvis24/ Lindsey Robertson

6. “The baaaaaaa-d guys don’t stand a chance!” / Via Reddit: SweetMeadowFarm/ Lindsey Robertson

7. “No need to thank me, kitties! Just doing my job!” / Via Lindsey Robertson

8. “Don’t worry folks, I’m a trained professional!” / Via Reddit: littleespo/ Lindsey Robertson

9. “I vow to leave no box empty, and no water glass unturned!” / Via Reddit: eljue/ Lindsey Robertson

10. “No butt will remain be un-sniffed when I’m around!” / Via Reddit: Sarah_Ger/ Lindsey Robertson

11. “Don’t do catnip, kids! Get high on life!” / Via Lindsey Robertson

12. “… My cape flies even when I’m chillin’. Just how I roll.” / Via Reddit: sleepymarmot/ Lindsey Robertson

Nice work, Super Pets.


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