17 Rules For Taking A Good Photo

Don’t stink up your own selfie.

1. Posing with a friend is always more fun.

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2. Never forget: confidence is key!

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3. Don’t let your drunken friend photobomb you! Who do they think they are??

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4. Unbridled enthusiasm is an absolute MUST.

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5. … Maybe don’t stick your hinder out in the photo.

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6. Over-the-shoulder is everything. Even if you’re posing on a tractor.

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7. … Don’t be a diva ‘bout it, though.

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8. Keep sexy poses tasteful.

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9. Sometimes smiling is overrated.

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10. Don’t be afraid to pose like a majestic prince.

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11. The camera CAN actually zoom. No need to get all up in its bizness.

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12. Looking bored/apathetic is a straight shot to ultimate photo-coolness.

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13. Don’t be afraid to give some side-eye.

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14. Beware of Resting Bitch Face.

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15. Tongues should stay inside the mouth. Sorry, Miley!

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16. Trust that, even in motion, you will be photogenic. Make sure your cute friend doesn’t upstage you, though.

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17. Most important: just be your unashamedly awesome self.

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You are now ready for your closeup. Enjoy!

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