17 Reasons To Love Marmosets

If them being marmosets wasn’t already reason enough.

1. They will totally offer you some grub if you want.

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2. Baby marmosets can be as small as a human thumb, and if that’s not the best thing ever, well, hush.

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3. They have tails that just don’t quit.

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4. They’re so TUFTY!!

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5. They’ve got cute lil’ peepers.

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6. They can be quizzical.

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7. And maybe a little bit derpy on occasion.

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8. Have an idea you wanna run by them? They’ll give you their full attention.

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9. They MAY even give you some sound advice.

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10. They are professional multitaskers.

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11. They are always down for a photo op – especially if it’s an extreme closeup.

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12. They are teeny tiny, which automatically gives them – I dunno – TEN cute points? At least?

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13. They look real cute scurrying across branches (and THIS branch in particular).

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14. They are NOT afraid of confrontation. So watch your mouth!

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15. They play well with others!

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16. They get full points in peeking.

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