21 Reasons Cows Are Actually Awesome

Bonafide bovines ahead.

1. They will always give a nuzzle to those in need.

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2. They are accomplished street performers.

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3. They will always give you a bite of their apple. As long as you don’t mind slobber.

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4. Feelin’ sad? They will bless you with a Cow Kiss*!

*A “Cow Kiss” is all tongue, all the time.

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5. They can be real fuzzy and fun to look at.

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6. They will politely give up their seat for a fawn.

ID: 2896290

7. They are open to learning more about other animal cultures.

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8. They also went through an angsty teenager phase…

ID: 2896355

9. … as well as an awkward phase.

ID: 2896362

10. They are beautiful dreamers.

ID: 2896367

11. They’re not afraid of mackin’ on your face.

ID: 2896374

12. They’re real curious ‘bout penguins. And vice versa!

ID: 2896382

13. Dat face.

ID: 2896411

14. They really know how to unwind.

ID: 2896490


ID: 2896495

16. They appreciate some good grooming.

ID: 2896507

17. They wear the mantle of Style Expert with casual grace and subtlety.

ID: 2896508

18. They are one of the few animals who will not judge you for your selfie.

ID: 2896510

19. They are very curious about new people/creatures.

ID: 2896513

20. They have no qualms about photobombing because they live to entertain.

ID: 2896522

21. They’re just so darn sweet.

ID: 2896526

… Sometimes their coolness can make the other farm animals a little insecure, though.

ID: 2896529

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