29 Photos Of The Most Adorable Farm On Earth

So, living on a farm is apparently all about being surrounded by cute animals? Right?

1. This is Julie. She’s a pretty cool lady who lives and works at Sweet Meadow Farm, located 25 minutes outside of Boston, MA.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926309

2. The coolest thing about a farm? ALL THE CUTE ANIMALS.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926092

3. According to Julie, the farm is home to almost 200 animals, including rabbits…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926112

4. … cows…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926225

5. … MORE rabbits…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926118

6. … goats…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926235

7. … horses…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926252

8. … a tortoise and hedgehog duo…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926306

9. … a peacock…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926311

10. … miniature donkeys…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926336

11. … guinea pigs…

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926353

12. … and even a little wallaby!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926113

13. For the record, wallabies are adorable and they like to eat strawberries. (Who knew??)

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926418

14. The cuteness is almost overwhelming.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926422

15. There are even barn kittens!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926257


Julie Michaud
ID: 2926116


Julie Michaud
ID: 2926390

18. “Living on the farm is full of excitement,” says Julie. “With animals, it’s a full-time job. You can’t decide you’re going to sleep in an extra hour or call out sick.”

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926247

19. The animals have a pretty good sense of humor about everything, though.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926122

20. And you never know when (or where!) someone cute will turn up!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926124

21. With so many animals, sometimes worlds collide.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926126

22. And everyone does their part helping out on the farm - or tries to, anyway.

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926128

23. Best of all, during springtime the farm is full of baby animals!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926351

24. Even dove babies!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926401

25. But THE coolest thing about Sweet Meadow Farm is that it provides classes for kids on animal science and riding lessons.

ID: 2936673

26. Says Julie, “It’s very rewarding to see the impact the animals have on the kids.”

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926329

27. “Animals don’t judge and love you for who you are no matter what. This allows kids to be themselves and helps build their confidence.”

ID: 2936681

28. Even parakeets join in on the riding lessons!

Julie Michaud
ID: 2926254

29. It’s a lot of hard work to keep the farm running smoothly, but Julie doesn’t mind it. “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.”

ID: 2937095

You can learn more about the awesome work that Sweet Meadow Farm is doing here!

ID: 2937147

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