17 Cats On Bad First Dates

It can be difficult to make that special connection. Sometimes it makes you wanna cough up a hairball.

1. “Welp, we are literally five minutes into this and I already know that this was a terrible mistake. Wheee!”

ID: 2803857

2. “Well. At least there’s food in front of me.”

ID: 2803894

3. “… No, no, I’m paying attention! You were, ah, talking about your stock portfolio. Right?”

ID: 2803926

4. “Are you gonna eat that… oh, okay, I’ll wait.”

ID: 2803912

5. “… I’m sorry, did you just make a weird joke about getting married? TO ME? AFTER TALKING FOR THIRTY MINUTES?”

ID: 2803985

6. “Waiter! I’m gonna need more delicious alcohol!”

ID: 2803952

7. “Oh my God, how and WHY did we get on the subject of politics?”

ID: 2803848

8. “Uh, I feel like I need to do some fact-checking on some of the crap that’s spewing forth from your mouth right now.”

ID: 2804028

9. “… Annnnd you just made a subtly racist comment. Wow.”

ID: 2803949

10. “It is my professional opinion that everything you’re saying is horse shit.”

ID: 2804020

11. “Why. Why am I here.”

ID: 2803979

12. “Just going to the bathroom! Definitely not going to text my best friend about you!”

ID: 2804005

13. “Somebody SAVE ME PLEASE.”

ID: 2803977

14. “Keep your hands to yourself, buddy.”

ID: 2803805

15. “Cool, thanks for everything, this conversation is over forever!”

ID: 2804040


ID: 2804035

17. “… Byyyyye!”

ID: 2803886

“Ahh. Back in my sanctuary. This is what I should’ve been doing the entire time!”

ID: 2804115

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