19 Dogs Who Have A Severe Case Of Window Face


1. Such poise. Such focus.

Reddit: ZachOnTap / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635135

2. So exquisite, I can’t even handle it.

Reddit: glowstiix / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635157

3. It isn’t easy being this gorgeous all the time…

Reddit: contradictioninterms / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635208

… it really isn’t.

ID: 2636974

4. Beauty can make others jealous.

Reddit: dogpictures / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635224

5. A masterpiece.

ID: 2635355

6. It’s almost angelic.

ID: 2635366

7. So beautiful it may just haunt your nightmares.

ID: 2635392

8. A stunning portrait.

ID: 2635446

9. A glimpse of radiance.

Reddit: BostonJRod / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635461

10. A study in elegance.

Reddit: aalicedee / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2635483

11. Are you intimidated by handsomeness? Then look away.

Reddit: kman297 / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2636175

12. “Driver, roll up the partition please.”

ID: 2636304

13. A truly magnificent smile.

ID: 2636217

14. Look at that proud chin and those distinguished features.

ID: 2636290

15. Positively resplendent.

Reddit: callmemayday / Via i.imgur.com
ID: 2636182

16. Don’t stare for too long. This level of attractiveness can be blinding.

ID: 2636271

17. “Classy” is his middle name.

ID: 2636287

18. The secret to life is being really, really, ridiculously, good-looking.

ID: 2636295

19. A positively beauteous kiss.

ID: 2636299

“… Um, will you stop taking pictures of the damn dog and LET US BACK IN THE HOUSE?”

ID: 2636863

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