19 Animals You Didn’t Know Could Be Cute

And if you DID know, congrats, you’re ahead of the curve. Now excuse me while I gush over these.

1. Bats!

These are Honduran White Bats, which are essentially adorable cotton balls.

2. Frogs!

“Oh yes, hello, I am frog, pleased to meet you.”

Reddit: warholamo / Via

3. Toucans

Dat beak.

Reddit: breakinthelaw88 / Via

4. Octopi!

Is it physically possible to cuddle an octopus? And if so, may I do it?

Reddit: Lumj / Via

5. Crabs!

A curious little gentleman.

Etsy: artbymagic / Via

Jacques Cousteau agrees that crabs are cute, and should be given pats.


6. Cuttlefish!

Okay… I can’t help it… I’m gonna make a dad joke and call this little fella… a “CUDDLEFISH.”

… Eh? Anybody?

7. Snails!

Tiny snail, enjoying some quality raspberry-time.

Reddit: shanonlee / Via

8. Newts!

Just a lil’ newt, traipsing along…

colindavis185 / Via

9. Snakes!

I know they may freak you out, but this one is kind of precious.

Reddit: SavageSharkSandwhich / Via

10. Donkeys!

Silly adorable donkey, you can’t even work at that desk!

Reddit: baldylox / Via

11. Jellyfish!

If Spongebob didn’t prove to you that jellies are awesome, I don’t know what to do with you.

Phil Marion / Via Flickr: phil_marion

12. Chickens! And Quail!

This chicken adopted this quail and raised it as her own.

Reddit: boulderkitty / Via

13. Caterpillars!


Reddit: burdbucket / Via

14. Javelinas!

Rescued baby javelina and his teddy bear!

Reddit: mesopotamius / Via

15. Badgers!

“Yes, we are badgers, how can we help you?”


16. Sharks!

This is a Thresher Shark, and, full disclosure, most of them look kinda freaky. But this shy one is pretty cute.

17. Rats!

C’mon, didn’t you see Ratatouille?

Reddit: Elafacwen / Via

18. Woodchucks!

It’s so cute, I don’t even care that it’s not chucking wood.

Reddit: Goosaba / Via

19. Armadillos!

As a Texan, I gotta admit I have a soft spot for these little guys.

Reddit: wildliferescue / Via

Still don’t believe armadillos are adorable? Watch this one enjoying his bath time.



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