16 Cats Reacting To Cosmo Advice

Cats tell it like it is.

“But… my cutlery!”


“No, thanks, no ICU for me!”


“God, no, keep it on your face.”



Reddit: Infinite_Monkey_bot / Via i.imgur.com

“You… you sully the good name of ‘Donut.’”

Reddit: YouWorkForMeNow


“But… I just CLEANED my feet!”

Reddit: YouWorkForMeNow / Via i.imgur.com



“… Surely you jest.”


“I’m revoking your phone privileges.”


“No thank you. Goodbye.”

Reddit: T_Mucks / Via i.imgur.com

“Come on. You’re better than this.”

Reddit: T_Mucks / Via i.imgur.com

“Just… why.”


“Nope nope not great don’t do that.”




“No thank you!”


CATS! I told you, you’re too young to be reading this stuff!


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