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52 NBA Players Who Make More Money Than Every Player In The WNBA Combined

The WNBA is estimated to pay a total of $10.3 million in salaries, or roughly 1/3 of Kobe Bryant’s current salary.

The average salary of a WNBA player is estimated to be around $72,000. This makes the average total league-wide wages $10,368,000.

It’s important to note that the WNBA, unlike the NBA, forbids publicly disclosing the details of a player’s contract/salary. The WNBA consists of 12 teams with 12-player rosters and a minimum salary of $37,950. The maximum (for players who have played at least six seasons) is $107,000.

1. Kobe Bryant made $30,453,805 for the 2013-2014 season, nearly three times as much as the entire WNBA. His salary alone amounts to the average salaries of 423 WNBA players.

Richard Mackson/Usa Today Sports

2. With a salary of $22,721,381, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki alone took home more than twice the amount earned by the entire WNBA — approximately 315 WNBA players.

Ron Jenkins/Fort Worth Star-Telegram / MCT

3. Amar’e Stoudemire of the Knicks earned about twice as much as the WNBA. He was paid $21,679,893.

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

4. Brooklyn’s Joe Johnson earned $21,466,718 during this season. Again, double the average amount for the entire WNBA.

Bob Donnan/Usa Today Sports

5. Carmelo Anthony: $21,388,953

David Richard/Usa Today Sports

6. Dwight Howard: $20,513,178

George Bridges / MCT

7. Pau Gasol, Lakers center and noted Twitter user, pulled in $19,285,850 for the 2013-2014 season.

Kelley L Cox/Usa Today Sports

The Miami Heat paid out pretty handsomely for the next three:

8. LeBron James: $19,067,500.

AP Photo/Chuck Burton, File

9. Chris Bosh: $19,067,500. (Salary identical to LeBron’s.)

Robert Duyos/Sun Sentinel / MCT

10. Dwyane Wade: $18,673,000

Hector Gabino/El Nuevo Herald / MCT

11. Clippers point guard Chris Paul earned $18,668,431 for the 2013-2014 regular season, over $8 million more than the entire WNBA.

Troy Taormina/Usa Today Sports

12. Deron Williams of the Nets earned $18,466,130.

Jaime Valdez/Usa Today Sports

13. Rudy Gay earned $17,888,932 playing for the troubled Sacramento Kings.

Jose Luis Villegas/Sacramento Bee / MCT

14. Kevin Durant, league MVP, was paid a $17,832,627 salary for his regular season play.

Mark D. Smith / Reuters

15. Zach Randolph: $17.8 million

Nikki Boertman/The Commercial Appeal

16. Derrick Rose: $17,632,688

Howard Smith/Usa Today Sports

17. The unstoppable Blake Griffin earned $16,441,500.

Richard Mackson/Usa Today Sports

18. Paul Pierce of the Nets earned approximately $5 million more than the entire WNBA with a salary of $15,333,334.

David Banks/Usa Today Sports

19. Carlos Boozer: $15.3 million.

Robert Duyos/Sun Sentinel / MCT

20. Center Marc Gasol earned $14,860,523 from the Memphis Grizzlies in 2013-2014.

Nikki Boertman/The Commercial Appeal / MCT

21. Russell Westbrook: $14,693,906

Mark D. Smith/Usa Today Sports

22. Kevin Love was paid $14,693,906 for the 2013-2014 season.

Randall Benton/Sacramento Bee / MCT

23. Brook Lopez of the Nets earned the same.

Nelson Chenault/Usa Today Sports

24. Emeka Okafor (currently on the Suns) earned $14,487,500 for the 2013-2014 season, during which he had a herniated disk and could not play.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

25. Roy Hibbert: $14,283,844

Brian Spurlock/Usa Today Sports

And here’s how the rest of the top 52 fared:

26. Eric Gordon (New Orleans): $14,283,844.

27. Luol Deng (Cavaliers): $14,275,000.

28. LaMarcus Aldridge (Trail Blazers): $14,128,000.

29. Tyson Chandler (Knicks): $14,100,537.

30. Andrew Bogut (Warriors): $14,000,000.

31. David Lee (Warriors): $13,878,000.

32. James Harden (Rockets): $13,701,250.

33. Al Jefferson (Bobcats): $13,500,000.

34. Josh Smith (Pistons): $13,500,000.

35. Nene Hilario (Wizards): $13,000,000.

36. Andre Iguodala (Warriors): $12,868,632.

37. Tony Parker (Spurs): $12,500,000.

38. Kevin Garnett (Nets): $12,433,735.

39. Serge Ibaka (Thunder): $12,350,000.

40. Nikola Pekovic (Timberwolves): $12,100,000.

41. Al Horford (Hawks): $12,000,000.

42. Kris Humphries (Celtics): $12,000,000.

43. David West (Pacers): $12,000,000.

44. Rajon Rondo (Celtics): $11,954,545.

45. Tyreke Evans (Pelicans): $11,796,247.

46. Joakim Noah (Bulls): $11,100,000.

47. Richard Jefferson (Jazz): $11,046,000.

48. DeAndre Jordan (Clippers): $10,986,550.

49. Nicolas Batum (Trail Blazers): $10,920,250.

50. Ty Lawson (Nuggets): $10,786,517.

51. Andrea Bargnani (Knicks): $10,750,000.

52. JaVale McGee (Nuggets): $10,750,000.

The entire WNBA: (approximately) $10,368,000.

WNBA / Via

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