Who Hates Gays More: Mississippi Or Alabama?

The Daily Show points out that neither of them really do. posted on

1. The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal learned during an interview with Nate Silver that statistically-speaking Alabama and Mississippi are most likely going to be the last two states in the country to legalize same-sex marriage.






2. So, Madrigal headed down south to see which one was the most homophobic.

5. Madrigal then conducted an experiment with actors posing as a gay couple in both states.

6. But in Alabama, this happened:


7. And in Mississippi, they got this lovely keepsake made with no problem at all:

8. The takeaway?

9. Watch the whole video here, and just try not to tear up when a Waffle House bursts into applause for a gay marriage proposal.

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Yeah. It really happens.

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