Welcome To The Strangest Music Video Of Your Life

Also one of the smartest and most glittery.

1. Meet DADDIE$ PLA$TIK, the gender-bending multimedia performance project from San Francisco.

It’s comprised of Tyler Holmes, San Cha, and Vain Hein. They’re awesome.

ID: 1334324

2. They’ve paired up with Persia, this fabulous drag queen, also from San Francisco:

ID: 1334647

3. And they’ve produced probably the most overstimulating and amazing video ever.

Warning: you might need to pause and recuperate periodically while watching this.

ID: 1334511

4. I have no idea what any of it means.

ID: 1334620

5. Alright, then.

ID: 1334651

6. Actually, “Google Google Apps Apps” is making some pretty salient points.

The lyrics, as confusing as they are, speak about gentrification and white-washing in San Francisco. They repeatedly ask “Where are you moving?” and shout “Gentrify me!”

ID: 1334672

7. Oh, and then they put on white face.


Shit gets pretty real.

ID: 1334702

8. Basically, it’s great.

And strange. And fabulous.

ID: 1334728

9. Watch it. Now.

ID: 1334735

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