There Was A Halloween-Themed Drag Show In Front Of Westboro Baptist Church

And it was a vast improvement on the (unrelated) porn film shot on the WBC lawn earlier this month.

1. The Equality House hosted an event called “Drag Down Bigotry” in front of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Megan Rogers
ID: 1881889

2. As the name suggests, it was a drag show.

Megan Rogers
ID: 1881912

3. It was Halloween-themed:

Megan Rogers
ID: 1881967

4. There were balloons:

Megan Rogers
ID: 1883809

5. Adorable children:

ID: 1881974

6. And it was awesome.

Megan Rogers
ID: 1881914

7. Seriously.

Megan Rogers
ID: 1883823

8. Wow.

Megan Rogers
ID: 1883869

9. And this was Westboro Baptist Church’s big retaliation:

Good job, guys.

ID: 1882008

10. Watch the video here:

ID: 1882030

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