Activists Around The World Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

“Today’s success is just the beginning.”

1. Yesterday, protests were held across the globe in solidarity with Russian LGBT activists.

The protests were organized by the gay rights organization All Out. “Today’s success is just the beginning. The movement has gone global and I am thrilled to see governments around the world pledge to take our message of love directly to president Putin at the G20 meetings this week.” said Andre Banks, Executive Director of All Out.

2. Yesterday morning, Lady Gaga voiced her support.

3. Others also showed their support by wearing red.

Couldn't be at protest, but wearing red to support #Russia4Love

— TheRainbowGoth (@EllieIsAPunkRocker)

7. Or rainbows, of course.

8. And people showed up for protests against Russia’s laws across the globe.

9. London, England:

BuzzFeed / Dan Martin

10. New York, NY:

Tasneem Nashrulla / BuzzFeed

11. Asunción, Paraguay:

#Paraguay "@SOMOSGAY Activistas de SOMOSGAY y @Lesvos se levantan contra la homofobia en Rusia #Russia4Love @allout"

— jrossignol (@jean rossignol)

12. Reykjavik, Iceland:

VA er flottasti skólinn #allout #gay #russia4love

— IngibjorgThorda (@Ingibjorg Thordar)

13. Mexico D.F.:

#3deSeptiembre #Russia4Love #ParaRusiaConAmor 25 México

— Marcgolab (@ShinigamiResurrected)

14. Barranquilla, Colombia:

In Barranquilla, Colombia we support #Russia4Love @OrgulloLGBT

— UNorteDiverso (@Uninorte Diverso)

15. Bologna, Italy:

17. Barcelona, Spain:

#3deSeptiembre #Russia4Love #ParaRusiaConAmor 13 Barcelona (1)

— Marcgolab (@ShinigamiResurrected)

#3deSeptiembre #Russia4Love #ParaRusiaConAmor 14 Barcelona (2)

— Marcgolab (@ShinigamiResurrected)

19. Milan, Italy

#russia4love in action in Milan

— yurigu (@Yuri Guaiana)

20. Vancouver, Canada:

#Vancouver #russia4love

— alsatomic (@Atomic Al)

22. El Salvador:

@allout_es #RUSSIA4LOVE #ElSalvador


#russia4love #ElSalvador

— MBouwrley (@Miguel Von-Böuwrley)

24. Seattle, Washington:

Dan Savage with #Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn outside the Russia Consular's house #Russia4Love #lgbt "

— kirua2002 (@Fred)

26. Valencia, Spain:

#Russia4love Levanta tu voz por Rusia Ahora en Valencia acompa༚ndo a @lambdavalencia @LesbianesLambda @JovesLambda

— AdriSerCal (@Adrián Serrano)

#Russia4Love en Valencia.

— JovesEU_Vlc (@Joves EU València)

28. Madrid, Spain:

Live from Madrid #Russia4love

— lnaPG (@Elena Perez-Grueso)

#Russia4Love desde Madrid, con amor, libertad e igualdad!! Los gobiernos no pueden pararlo!

— karmides (@Raúl Jiménez)

30. Alicante, Spain

#Russia4Love Desde #Alicante acción mundial contra la #homofobia #Rusia #noalahomofobiarusa >

— EsdrasC (@Esdras Catarí)

#Russia4Love Acción Mundial contra #Homofobia #Rusia en #Alicante Espa༚ #LGTB >

— VocesEntiende (@Mas Voces Entiende)

32. Tromsø, Norway:

34. Monterrey, Mexico:

Evento Levanta Tu Voz por Rusia #Russia4Love #Monterrey #Mexico

— MBouwrley (@Miguel Von-Böuwrley)

35. Activists in Manchester, UK, sent messages of support to activists in Russia.

Here's just some of the many messages of support Manchester has tonight sent to our friends in #Russia4Love

— lgfoundation (@The LGF)

36. Some demonstrations were small and impromptu, like this one in Venice:

37. Or Málaga, Spain:

@allout #Russia4Love in #Málaga #Spain this morning. Not too many, but yet loud enough.

— cotomarin (@Fernando C. M.)

Also at #Málaga (Spain) beaches @allout #Russia4Love

— cotomarin (@Fernando C. M.)

39. And, finally, activists in Russia posted pictures just to say “thanks”:

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