The Powerpuff Girls Could Have Replaced Your Gender Studies Class

Sugar, spice, everything nice, and — SCREW THAT LET’S KICK ASS.

Alright, the Powerpuff Girls were made in the most stereotypical way ever:

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But the Chemical X turned the three Powerpuff Girls into ass-kicking machines, and started breaking down our expectations of women and men alike.

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1. There was a lot of gender-switching and drag.

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The Professor dressed up as Bubbles:

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And Bubbles dressed up as Mayor:

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This dude dressed up as Blossom and no one noticed:

Seriously, everyone thought he was Blossom. I guess the people of Townsville just weren’t shocked by body hair on a woman.

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The Professor wore makeup:

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He looked great as Sara Bellum.

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And Mojo Jojo fit in perfectly with the Powerpuff Girls’ friends when he snuck into their sleepover.

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2. The girls were careful to keep open minds about gender.

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And questioned each other about their assumptions.

Bubbles, chill.

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When this guy tried to teach the girls about gender roles….

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This happened:

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And then:


This was especially great because Bubbles is seen as the most girly of the three. And yet she still does the manual chores because she’s awesome.

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3. The villains also paid no mind to gender expectations. Sedusa was a fierce fighter:


As was Sara Bellum.

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Because although Sedusa was disguised as a sweet, docile Ima Goodlady, she was hardcore.

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Femme Fatale pointed out serious problems with the patriarchal superhero industry:

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And Him was incredibly fabulous:

Presumably, Him was a man. He had an ambiguous voice, pranced around in a tutu, and wore makeup. He was amazing.

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Seriously, he (they?) was brilliant.

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And of course, the Rowdyruff Boys had a nontraditional upbringing,

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4. The girls were always sure to set people straight when they underestimated them.

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And they discovered that men were far too obsessed with perceived manliness.

Whenever the Rowdyruff Boys did something that seemed “unmanly,” like hurting themselves, they literally shrunk, which was a pretty cool metaphor.

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In fact, men needed the Powerpuff Girls for literally everything:

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5. But the Professor let the girls experiment with fashion on him:

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Because Professor Utonium was a great, caring, SINGLE DAD.

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6. And The Powerpuff Girls, who were small, feminine, sweet girls, were the most formidable opponents any villain could go up against.

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