The Lesbians In This Video Really Hate Bi Girls

SMH. Biphobia is not a good look. WARNING: NSFW language.

1. YouTube user Arielle Scarcella posted a video in which she asked lesbians about their opinions on bisexuals.

ID: 1642623

2. The train wreck starts when the girls say they would describe bi girls as “greedy” and “messy.”

ID: 1642680

3. And then they’re asked what they would think if a hot girl turned out to be bi.

ID: 1642709

9. They’re then asked why lesbians don’t want to date bisexual girls.

ID: 1642812

13. Only one girl in this entire video seems like someone anybody, bi or not, should consider dating.

ID: 1642879

15. Watch the whole video here, if you can stand it.

ID: 1642922

H/T Autostraddle

ID: 1642981

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