15 Things You’re Definitely Dreading About Pride

You’re totally out and proud …but some things about Pride are awful.

PRIDE IS COMING! It’s gonna be so out of control!

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Oh right, it’s going to be so out of control.

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Let’s be honest: there are some things you’re dreading about Pride.

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1. Like the HUGE CROWDS.


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2. Not being able to find a good place to watch the parade.

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3. Losing your friends in the crowd.

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4. The heat outside.

Why is this in June, again?

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5. That straight guy who won’t stop hitting on gay girls —

(And their girlfriends).

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6. The straight girls who think that this day is all about them making BFFs with drag queens.

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7. Ending up with a bunch of flyers because the people handing them out were cute.

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8. Seeing one of your friends vomit before it’s even dark outside.

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9. Realizing that you’re expected to go out with your friends after the parade.

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10. People being really aggressive about getting the bartender’s attention.

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11. That person that won’t leave you alone on the dance floor.

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12. Spending all of your money on special cocktails.

Or just on admission to parties.

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13. Having to wake up for work in the morning.

Why is Pride on a Sunday?

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14. Remembering what you did last night.

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15. And looking in the mirror and realizing you’ll never get all that glitter off of your skin.

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Really, though, there’s only one thing you can do:

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