The 23 Best Moments From "Sherlock’s" "The Sign Of Three"

BRB flailing. Spoilers, obviously!

1. When poor Lestrade called in helicopters for Sherlock.


Deep breaths, Jeff.

2. When you realized Sherlock had vetted the whole guest list and he made this face.

3. When this bromance was born.

Beheadings! Lovely village.

4. When Sherlock and Mary had this adorable moment.

5. When John told Sherlock he was his best friend and he was basically buffering.

BBC / Via

6. When we were worried about how painful Sherlock’s speech was until he got to his point and FEELS.

BBC / Via

7. When Mary was adorable and set them up for a crime solving date.


BBC / Via

*Fandom falls in love with Mary*

8. When they finally started solving a crime and you were like OH HEY THERE DEAN THOMAS.

BBC / Via

Muggle security was an interesting career choice, “Bainbridge.”

9. When Sherlock understood that we were suffering from an over load of feelings already, and left to save our sanity.


10. SWOON.

BBC / Via

11. Basically everything Molly says or does.

BBC / Via

12. When you never thought Sherlock would drink but when he did it was out of a beaker, like OF COURSE.


13. Everything about this scene.

BBC / Via

There are just too many GIFs to choose from.

14. When they tried to solve a crime and John and Sherlock were competing for most adorable drunk.


Deduction: deaded.



15. When Lestrade was def upset that he wasn’t invited to stag night.

Poor Gavin, he just wants to be loved

16. When the Woman showed up and WHOOPS there goes the fandom!

BBC / Via

17. When Sherlock realized shit was going down and did this.

BBC / Via

Finally, murder!

18. When you wondered how Lestrade became a detective but it’s okay because we love him.





20. When John called Sherlock out on being a drama queen and it was amazing.

21. When this pirouette happened.

BBC / Via


BBC / Via

Which should be happy but we know this is Sherlock and we can’t have nice things.

23. And finally, when the rest of the episode was too much and we all generally felt like this.




GIFs courtesy of the wonderful sociopaths on Tumblr.

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