The 23 Best Moments From "Sherlock’s" "The Sign Of Three"

BRB flailing. Spoilers, obviously!

1. When poor Lestrade called in helicopters for Sherlock.


Deep breaths, Jeff.

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2. When you realized Sherlock had vetted the whole guest list and he made this face.

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3. When this bromance was born.

Beheadings! Lovely village.

ID: 2238544

4. When Sherlock and Mary had this adorable moment.

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5. When John told Sherlock he was his best friend and he was basically buffering.

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6. When we were worried about how painful Sherlock’s speech was until he got to his point and FEELS.

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7. When Mary was adorable and set them up for a crime solving date.


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*Fandom falls in love with Mary*

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8. When they finally started solving a crime and you were like OH HEY THERE DEAN THOMAS.

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Muggle security was an interesting career choice, “Bainbridge.”

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9. When Sherlock understood that we were suffering from an over load of feelings already, and left to save our sanity.

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ID: 2240449

10. SWOON.

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11. Basically everything Molly says or does.

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12. When you never thought Sherlock would drink but when he did it was out of a beaker, like OF COURSE.

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13. Everything about this scene.

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There are just too many GIFs to choose from.

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14. When they tried to solve a crime and John and Sherlock were competing for most adorable drunk.

ID: 2240471

Deduction: deaded.



ID: 2238437

15. When Lestrade was def upset that he wasn’t invited to stag night.

ID: 2238447

Poor Gavin, he just wants to be loved

ID: 2238451

16. When the Woman showed up and WHOOPS there goes the fandom!

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ID: 2238462

17. When Sherlock realized shit was going down and did this.

BBC / Via

Finally, murder!

ID: 2238489

18. When you wondered how Lestrade became a detective but it’s okay because we love him.

ID: 2240498
ID: 2240503




ID: 2238671

20. When John called Sherlock out on being a drama queen and it was amazing.

ID: 2238569

21. When this pirouette happened.

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ID: 2238600


ID: 2238578
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Which should be happy but we know this is Sherlock and we can’t have nice things.

ID: 2238588

23. And finally, when the rest of the episode was too much and we all generally felt like this.



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GIFs courtesy of the wonderful sociopaths on Tumblr.

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