18 More Surprising Things That Bunnies Do

Bunny buddies never fail to amaze us.

1. They Share with Their Buddies

“You’re hungry? Oh well, have some of my delicious grass stalk. Om nom nom…”

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2. Give Each Other Kisses

When bunnies become friends, they become buddies for good. Pucker up, buttercup!

ID: 896211

3. Have Total Control Of Their Swag

They’ve all got it and know how to show it (something us humans are still trying to figure out how to do…)

ID: 896213

4. Are Fierce Gamers

They don’t have lightning-fast reflexes for nothing…

ID: 896214

5. Love Saturday-Night Cruises

While the one in the back looks completely terrified of the speed limit, the two in the front are totally ready to hit the city lights.

ID: 896216

6. Have Jobs

He seems so much more into his work than most of us on a regular basis…

ID: 896218

7. Get Surprised

She just stumbled upon your Facebook pictures.

ID: 896219

8. Dance (or at Least Try to Dance)

We’re not sure if this one is trying to do the Macarena, Gangnam Style, or a mixture of both, but he’s sure making a downright cutie of himself.

ID: 896220

9. Fall Asleep While Studying

This happens to all of us.

ID: 896221

10. Think Deep Thoughts

When you catch your ball of fuzz staring into space, best leave them alone till they figure out whatever’s bugging them.

ID: 896222

11. LOVE to Visit Grandma

This one isn’t protesting, cause he knows Grandma loves him <3

ID: 896224

12. Steal Cookies

Stop blaming your toddler or significant other. The real culprit is sitting innocently in the corner.

ID: 896225

13. Hate Baths

But really, take this one seriously. Bunnies are not built for water, do not like water, and should not be exposed to water unless it’s to drink. If they’re REALLY dirty, then an exception can be made. If not, you can leave them to clean themselves. Trust me, they’re experts at that.

ID: 896227

14. Play Instruments

This one has mastered Chopin and Bach within a matter of days.

ID: 896228

15. Party

When they party, they party hard.

ID: 896229

16. They Sometimes Judge You

He disapproves of your fourth cake helping.

ID: 896230

17. Stick Out Their Tongues For No Good Reason

Just to spite the photographer, but in fact, bunnies are doing us a favor. Just look at that tongue!!!

ID: 896231

18. Smile

Because life is good.

ID: 896232

Thanks to all those wonderful bunnies with wonderful owners who post wonderful pictures on the web!!!

ID: 896237

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