Definitive Proof Potatoes Are The Best Food In The Entire World

To me, you are perfect. Almost.

1. Let’s start with fries, because they are amazing.

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The varieties are amazing.

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You can get them shaped like waffles!

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Or wedges!

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5. You can even put cheese on them. CHEESE.

A lot of other really great things can go on them as well.

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6. Are you convinced yet?

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7. No? Then let’s talk about breakfast potatoes.

Hello hash browns.

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8. Oh homefries, you make me want to get out of bed in the morning.

ID: 1026616

I love you.

ID: 1026618

10. Don’t like cripsy potatoes? Then let’s talk about mashed.

ID: 1026630

Butter melts at the sight of a mashed potato.

ID: 1026642

Cheesy mashed potatoes are a little slice of heaven.

ID: 1026672

If you don’t like scalloped potatoes, you have no soul.

ID: 1026857

16. Baked potatoes are also delicious of course.

ID: 1027242

17. They really inspire creativity.

ID: 1027462

Or maybe they are just an excuse to eat more bacon?

ID: 1027478

21. Potato Chips, I love you.

ID: 1027532

25. Whoever invented potato salad was trying to bring shame to potatoes.

ID: 1027586

26. Nice try, but potatoes are still THE BEST.

ID: 1027640

27. The best thing ever.

ID: 1027611

28. Everyone loves them!

ID: 1027613

That is all.

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