Calling All Sports Fans

It is time to prove yourself.

1. Hey, sports fans, did you know anyone can sign up and post on BuzzFeed?

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2. This is your chance to prove you are the ultimate fan.

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3. Always had a burning desire to tell everyone why your team is the best team?

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4. Or have a new love for a team because they are just so great?

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Here are some reasons you should start loving The Kansas City Chiefs.

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5. Or maybe your favorite player’s greatness simply speaks for itself.

Or maybe you would like to use BuzzFeed to speak to him or her? Up to you.

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6. Tell us, why is your team or favorite player the best there ever was?

Post about it in BuzzFeed’s community!

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7. Remember, this is not just about professional sports, college sports are important too.

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8. If you still need a little inspiration, here are some of the most important sports posts in the history of fan posts.

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