Animals March Madness, Round One: Armadillos Vs. Foxes

A face-off of adorable proportions. See the full bracket here and vote at the bottom of this post!

2. Exhibit A: Hi, I am a tiny adorable armadillo!

My eye sight is pretty bad, so I am not sure how cute a baby fox is. I have heard they are a little scary. I am good at swimming, protecting myself, and providing joy to anyone who gets to interact with me. Plus, when I am a baby, you can hold me in your hand! Obviously you should vote armadillos! -Lili Salzberg

ID: 983103

3. Exhibit A: Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there! I was just busy being cute with my pals.

Word around the woods is the armadillos are saying some mean things about us. I mean do we look scary to you? We’re from a really close-knit adorable family of fuzzy cuteness. We like to run around and act silly. Kinda like those puppies that you keep in your house! So you should definitely vote for foxes! -Matt Kiebus

ID: 984263

5. You wanna play?

ID: 984273

6. Exhibit B: Look how cute I am when I take a bath!!

Shake, shake, shake! I love water! Did you know that I can hold my breath for 4 to 6 minutes under water?

ID: 983128

7. Exhibit B: Watch me get stuck in the snow!

ID: 984284

8. Exhibit C: Do you want to go on vacation with me?

Please? I am great at crossing streams and rivers! If we ever left our cooler full of beer on the other side of the river, I would be more then happy to go get it for you!

ID: 983133

9. Exhibit C: I’ll make your ex jealous. Seriously, look how ridiculously good looking I am!

ID: 984316

10. Exhibit D: I am GREAT at protecting myself!

I am pretty much a magician!

ID: 983162

11. Exhibit D: Disney made a movie about me!

And Disney is basically the kings of cuteness.

ID: 984323

12. Cute animals like me need to be protected from mean foxes!


ID: 983176

13. Why would they eat other animals…

I hope they don’t come for me!

ID: 983182

14. Huh? Mean animals?!

ID: 984346

15. We wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Look at me giving my sister a kiss on the cheek!

ID: 984358

16. Our mom raised us right!

Notice how I haven’t made fun of my armadillo friend?

ID: 984337

17. Please Mr. Fox, Nooooooooooooo!

ID: 983188

18. Exhibit E: When I get a little bigger, you can take me for a walk!

I love walks! And I love you! Do you really think that a mean fox would go on a walk with you?

ID: 983214

19. He does NOT want to go on a walk!

ID: 983368

20. That’s because we like to run!

Look how graceful we are.

ID: 984384

21. Exhibit E: Check out how freakin’ adorable we are when we’re sleepy!

ID: 984456

22. Just look how goofy I am!

ID: 984468

23. I love to cuddle!

ID: 984482

24. Exhibit F: Did you forget how cute I am as a baby?

ID: 983261

25. Did someone say cute babies?

ID: 984410

26. You don’t want to get me started on being a cute baby!

ID: 984493

27. Exhibit F: When’s the last time an armadillo give you a high-five?

Because we do this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME.

ID: 984423

28. Some people say I look like a dinosaur, which is ok with me because they are pretty cool!

ID: 983269

29. Dinosours? We look like puppies! What’s cuter than a puppy? Oh wait, US!

ID: 984529

30. Exhibit G: Some of my human friends said you might not vote for me….

ID: 983297

31. They said we could go out for a few beers win or lose.

I have the best friends! But I really do hope that we will be celebrating!

ID: 983310

32. I hope we go to my favorite watering hole!

ID: 983463

33. Exhibit G: I have an excellent sense of humor!

My dog friend didn’t even know I was there!

ID: 984299

34. Exhibit H: Just remember, if you do vote for me! I will run and play!

ID: 983321

35. And have the very best day!

Did you know we also like to make rhymes?

ID: 983329

36. Exhibit H: I love to make new friends!

ID: 984539

37. So vote for me!

ID: 984572

38. And maybe we can hang out sometime!

ID: 984585

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