10 Reasons Why Mary From "Sherlock" Should Stick With The Lib Dems

In the first episode of Season 3, Sherlock deduces that Dr Watson’s fiancee, Mary, is a ‘disillusioned Lib Dem’. Here are 10 reasons why we think Mary should stick with the Lib Dems.

Sherlock deduces Mary is a ‘disillusioned Lib Dem’

1. Lib Dems have given her a £700 tax cut

As a part-time nurse, she’ll be £700 better off as of this April because Liberal Democrats fought for Income Tax cuts for 24 million ordinary workers.

2. She’ll get a fair deal if she has children

Lib Dems are bringing in shared parental leave, so if Mary and John Watson decide to start a family, John can stay at home with the kids.

3. Lib Dems have helped cut crime in London

With Liberal Democrats in Government crime is falling across London (even while Sherlock was out of the country)

4. She’d fit in at Party Conference

As someone who has a secret tattoo, Mary would be welcome at the Liberal Democrat conference.

5. Lib Dems will protect her civil liberties

Nick Clegg blocked the Tories plans for a Snoopers’ Charter, which would have kept records of every website people visit. Dr Watson’s blog is safe!

6. Nick Clegg can speak her lingo

Sherlock thinks Mary is a keen linguist, just like a certain Deputy Prime Minister.

7. Lib Dems stopped private companies getting special favours in the NHS

Mary works in the NHS, so she’d probably be pleased to know that Lib Dems made sure private companies can no longer get special favours when it comes to NHS contracts.

8. There will always be a happy ending

Liberal Democrats have brought in equal marriage, so if Mary and John don’t work out, he and Sherlock could still tie the knot…

9. Her job is safe!

Lib Dems blocked Tory plans to let bosses fire workers at will.

If Sherlock can come back from the dead, Lib Dems can win back voters like Mary!

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