24 Signs You’re Actually Kelly Kapoor From “The Office”

It’s like your life is buffering.

1. You know better than anyone that internet puns take on a whole new level of meaning when used in real life.

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2. Your primal habitat is certainly not the conference room.

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3. You’re always in search of the perfect Glee moment.

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4. The struggle is real.

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5. No one’s ever doubted your supreme business skills.

There’s a time for work and a time for play. You happen to like experimenting with both at once.

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6. You’ll do anything in the name of rock and roll.


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7. You admit you have flaws.

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8. You’re over the petty games.

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9. You’ve recruited your fair share of office besties.

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War tactics are sometimes involved.

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10. Nothing excites you more than the budding stages of an office romance.

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11. You’ve been crowned the office text decoder. You don’t take this honor lightly.

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12. You don’t understand why people can’t just be honest and say exactly what they’re thinking.

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13. You’re creative when you want to be.

Who says fashion shows should only live on the runway?

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14. Your lips may be moving but like any good communicator, you know it’s all in the eyes.

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15. You don’t exactly have the best track record with diets.

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16. You’re not really one to let things go.

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17. You’re the truth bearer of the office.

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18. Waterproof mascara has been a long time companion of yours.

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19. You give yourself credit where credit is rightfully due.

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20. You’ve never really been one to look back.

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21. Weakness isn’t in your blood.

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22. You haven’t quite let go of your inner 13-Year-Old.

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23. You can’t help but attract drama.

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24. Now get back to work, Kelly.

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