23 Signs You’re Definitely Amy Brookheimer From “Veep”

Just admit the inevitable.

1. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING stands between you and hummus.

ID: 3398550

2. You’d sooner cut off your left arm than part ways with your phone.

ID: 3398571

3. This is the meltdown of your dreams. (Also, your idea of letting loose)

ID: 3398602

4. Your blatant use of sarcasm often puts others at a loss for words.

ID: 3398610

5. You are NOT one of those fucking weirdos that celebrates three-month-aversaries.

ID: 3398630

6. Throwing behind the back shade is your specialty.

ID: 3398652

7. Some things (like patience) are a virtue and are to be used sparingly.

ID: 3398661

8. You’re always putting the safety of others first.

Excluding like, one or two people.

ID: 3398666

9. You’ve never had any trouble in the creative department.

ID: 3398678

10. You’re the master of prioritizing time.

ID: 3398685

11. Your love for food knows no bounds.

ID: 3398692

12. You’re always thinking one step ahead (even under the influence of alcohol).

ID: 3398695

13. Amy’s facial expressions are basically your facial expressions on any given day.

ID: 3398708

14. You have a knack for exposing universal truths.

ID: 3398724

15. You see right through people’s honesty.

ID: 3398730

16. You don’t hold back when proving a point. No one’s safe. Not even vegetables.

ID: 3398738

17. You don’t get why some people can’t just very literally keep calm and carry on.

ID: 3398822

18. Your competitiveness tends to scare people at times.

ID: 3398900

19. You get that all’s fair in the game of love and fashion.

ID: 3398925

20. The word heartbreak doesn’t exist in your vocabulary.

ID: 3398937

21. Calming people down has never been your strong suit.

ID: 3398964

22. People can always count on you for the truth.

ID: 3398986

23. *Look up. Look down. Continue typing*

ID: 3398996

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