Watch This Video Of First Gay Zulu Wedding

South Africans Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole married this weekend in what’s being called the first Zulu same-sex wedding. “The whole notion is to quash the idea that being gay is un-African,” said one of the grooms.

Via http://eNews%20Channel%20Africa

Though same-sex couples have had equal marriage rights in South Africa since 2006, there remains a great deal of opposition to these unions. One of the strongest voices against same-sex marriage has come from traditional leaders, who have argued that homosexuality is a western import to the country. In 2012, the National House of Traditional Leaders asked parliament to strike LGBTI rights protections from the constitution.

That’s why the marriage this weekend of Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole grabbed attention in South Africa. The two men married in a traditional Zulu ceremony in the town of Stranger.

3. eNews Channel Africa also did this video on preparations for the wedding: / Via http://eNews%20Channel%20Africa

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