24 Yahoo Answers That Prove Sex Education Needs To Step Up Its Game

Everyone calm down. You’re all DEFINITELY pregnant.

1. You’re not pregnant but the bananas are.

4. Ask your OB(arbie)GYN.

5. You know you’re going to do it anyway.

6. The miracles of modern, adolescent science.

7. Brb, checking with National Association of Tweaners and Wangers.

8. ::Hangs head in despair::

10. Someone please for the love of God help this child.

11. Depends on whether or not you suffer from Prius envy.

12. Perhaps the force is just too strong within you.

13. Yes but your band teacher will catch on.

14. Hmm. Interesting potential new job market for naturally pot-bellied women?

16. Clearly aliens have already invaded our planet and are using Yahoo Answers to figure out our species.

17. Yes. British people have all the sex.

18. This is the beginning of a deranged new comic book series, I hope?

19. Depends on the toy.

20. Ask the garden section at Home Depot?

21. You’re screwed.

23. I don’t even know anymore. Sorry.

24. Great work, America.

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