What You Think Prom Is Going To Be Like Vs. What It’s Actually Like

Take it from a much older, wiser person.

1. So it’s prom season, and you’re super-psyched. It’s totally going to be the best. Or so you think…

ID: 1062233

2. How you hope he’s going to ask you:

You’re gonna be a YouTube star!

ID: 1062076

3. How he’ll actually do it:

In the hallway: Hidoyouwanttogotopromwithmeprettyplease?

ID: 1062169

4. So the big night arrives. Here’s the photo you show your hairdresser:

Soooo pretty.

ID: 1062189

5. And there’s a good chance this is what you’ll end up with:

ID: 1062205

6. As for the dress, you may think you found the most beautiful, perfect one:

ID: 1061530

7. Just keep in mind — that’s also what this girl thought about her dress.

You can’t win.

ID: 1061620

8. OMG the limo is going to be so cool!

ID: 1061416

9. Until you realize it’s just a really long car and the ride to prom only lasts like 12 minutes.

ID: 1061487

10. But, still. This is you making your awesome entrance:

ID: 1061452

11. Until you realize you’re the first ones there. And apparently the prom committee decided to phone it in on the decorations.

ID: 1061915

12. How you imagine you and your friends dancing:

ID: 1061281

13. How you will actually look when you dance (you can thank those pre-party Jell-O shots):

ID: 1061296

14. This is what you imagine doing at prom:

ID: 1061617

15. When in reality you’ll probably spend most of it desperately looking for beer to bring to the after-party:

Should have thought about this before.

ID: 1061798

16. But anyhow, the after-party is really what prom is all about, and this is how cool you think it’ll be:

Rolling with your homies.

ID: 1061995

17. The after-party will, in fact, teach you the shame of vomiting in public:

ID: 1062062

18. But maybe, for you, prom night is about finally “doing it,” and it’s going to be this romantic:

ID: 1061843

19. Or, um, this “romantic”:

ID: 1061913

20. You think it’s going to be a night you and your friends will remember forever…

ID: 1061550

21. Only in 15 years, you won’t be friends with most of these people and might not even remember all of their names.

ID: 1061678

22. But you should still totally go. Because you never know — it might be magical.

ID: 1062211

23. …or not.

Congrats, class of 2013!

ID: 1062345

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