21 Undeniably ’80s Fashions

People are apparently still buying this stuff.

1. Watch out, Jane Fonda. This lady’s got a thong unitard.

ID: 1283375

2. Working Girl + Midas Touch

ID: 1283361

3. Sure, why not throw a shapeless, shiny raincoat into the mix?

ID: 1283351

4. See you at step aerobics.

ID: 1283368

5. Why wear sunglasses and a visor when you could have them both in one?

ID: 1283398

6. The stuff of acid wash nightmares.

ID: 1283426

7. My mom still has a belt like this.

ID: 1283494

8. Say it with me: Funky! Iridescent! Windbreaker!

ID: 1283437

9. Super cool shorts, bro.

ID: 1283616

10. It doesn’t get more ’80s than Reebok kicks.

ID: 1283476

11. Shield your eyes. The ruffles, they shine so bright.

ID: 1283539

12. The great thing about this getup is that you can work out and then throw on some black lace — it’s gym-to-night!

ID: 1283373

13. Actually, elastic waisted shirts are great for fat days.

ID: 1283562

14. Urban 80sers.

ID: 1283568

15. I think this is what rich girls wore.

ID: 1283571

16. I just don’t even understand. It’s kind of like a bikini… but made of T-shirt material… What?… I just… confused.

ID: 1283593

17. My dad is still wearing this suit. It is his “good” suit.

ID: 1283626

18. He wears it with this tie. <3

ID: 1283618

19. The windbreaker pantsuit. The day this comes back into style, please remind me to crawl into a hole and die.

ID: 1283629

20. Summer is never summer in the ’80s without a high waisted tropical bikini. (Preferably with thong action in the back.)

ID: 1283600

21. ZOMG wut. AHHHHH!!!!!!

ID: 1283577

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