The 28 Types Of “Throwback Thursday” Pics People Do

On #tbt, Instagrammers have a broad definition of what “the past” means.

1. The “remember prom?” #tbt

ID: 1861178

2. The “remember Starbucks from last week?” #tbt

ID: 1861176

3. The “look at what a cute kid I was” #tbt

ID: 1861190

4. The “look at what a badass kid I was” #tbt

ID: 1861167

5. The “look at what a dorky kid I was” #tbt

ID: 1861173

6. The “LOL re-gram of one of these thingies!” #tbt

ID: 1861903

7. The “actually, I legit had a pager” #tbt #oldschool #realdeal

ID: 1861792

8. The “I am nostalgic for this donut I once had” #tbt

ID: 1861252

9. The “remember my body from when you looked at it 2 seconds ago” #tbt

ID: 1861171

10. The “I miss summer” #tbt

ID: 1861181

11. The “look at all the cars I once owned aren’t you jealous?” #tbt

ID: 1861184

12. The “the ’90s are all that” #tbt

ID: 1861244

13. The “my parents were surprisingly good looking in the ’70s” #tbt

ID: 1861247

14. The “not like I listen to this anymore but remember when everyone loved this song?” #tbt

ID: 1861246

15. The “don’t really get #tbt but I still want everyone to see these cute shoes” #tbt

ID: 1861255

16. The “remember that text I sent you two weeks ago?” #tbt

ID: 1861251

17. The ironic “this is a picture of a picture of a Subway sandwich I ate back in January of 2012” #tbt

ID: 1861307

18. The “I really miss this manicure I once did” #tbt :(

ID: 1861657

19. The “remember our glory days (from, like, three years ago)” #tbt

ID: 1861311

20. The “I’m still using this flip phone (or other piece of outdated technology), therefore I am nonconformist and cool” #tbt

ID: 1861317

21. The “I was a sartorial baby genius” #tbt

ID: 1861723

22. The “remember graduation?” #tbt

ID: 1861323

23. The “omg dorky school picture” #tbt

ID: 1861445

24. The ironic “look how far I’ve come!” #tbt

ID: 1861462

25. The “RIP” #tbt :(

ID: 1861589

26. The “remember yesterday? LOL” #tbt

ID: 1861500

27. The “look at this crazy ’90s outfit” #tbt

ID: 1861726

28. The caption on this one is literally: “Using #TBT as an excuse to post this. #tbt #summer #tanskin #takemeback #pinkbikini #freckles #selfie #selfiequeen”

ID: 1861492

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