55 Toys And Games That Will Make ’90s Girls Super Nostalgic

And so we meet again, Lil Miss Makeup.

If you were born anytime in the mid-’80s to early ’90s, this was the stuff of your childhood…

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1. Lil Miss Makeup

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2. Polly Pocket

Bonus points if you also had one of those mini Polly Pockets that you could wear around your neck.

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3. Disney Electronic Games

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4. My Size Barbie

Slightly creepy.

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5. Doodle Bears

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6. Puppy Surprise

Life was over if there were only three puppies in there.

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7. Dream Phone

ID: 1434774

8. Quints

ID: 1434854

9. My Pretty Ballerina

She came with her own tape and was already en pointe at the age, of like, 0. So she was awesome.

ID: 1438751

10. Mall Madness

“There’s a sale in the…shoe store!”

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11. Tamagotchis

ID: 1434867

12. My Little Pony

I can literally still smell that My Little Pony plastic deliciousness.

ID: 1434886

13. The Little Mermaid Ariel Doll

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14. Barbie Happy Meal Toys

ID: 1434912

15. Glitter Magic Wands

Literally, hours of fascination with the world of magic contained within.

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16. The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game

ID: 1435079

17. Sally Secrets

ID: 1435089

18. American Girl Dolls

A total status symbol if you were lucky enough to have one.

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19. And That Newer Line of American Girl Dolls

Which was cool because you could order one to look like you!

ID: 1439174

20. Dear Diary

ID: 1435091

21. Cupcake Dolls

How did they get them to smell so yummy?! One of life’s unsolved mysteries.

ID: 1435122

22. Cherry Merry Muffin

ID: 1435125

23. Little Tikes Victorian Playhouse

OK, if you had this, you were super lucky.

ID: 1435428

24. Baby All Gone

ID: 1435129

25. Fashion Plates

ID: 1435134

26. Lil Miss Magic Jewels

ID: 1439340

27. Pretty Pretty Princess

Whatever you do, do NOT end up with the dreaded black ring!

ID: 1435289

28. Belle from Beauty and the Beast Doll

ID: 1434903

29. Party Mania

ID: 1435294

30. Crayola Magic Scent Crayons

Raise your hand if the rose scent was your fave.

ID: 1438770

31. Ice Capades Barbie

ID: 1438458

32. Kitty Surprise

ID: 1435299

33. Lil Miss Magic Hair

She’s classy! She’s sassy! She’s the ultimate in hair play fun!

ID: 1435317

34. Fashion Faces

ID: 1435318

35. Little Tikes Plastic Vanity

ID: 1435418

36. Beanie Babies

Sorry if you were convinced this was your retirement savings strategy.

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37. Polly Pocket Light-Up House

ID: 1435453

38. Girl Talk

“You will give birth to twins five days after your 23rd birthday.” This is basically the worst fortune ever.

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39. Color Change Barbie

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40. Water Babies

ID: 1435457

41. Little Tikes Dollhouse

ID: 1435427

42. Furbies


ID: 1438288

43. Bathtime Fun Barbie

ID: 1438452

44. Troll Dolls

So weird.

ID: 1438487

45. Pocket Locker

ID: 1438530

46. Easy-Bake Oven

Of course, the Easy-Bake Oven has been a staple of American childhood forever, ’90s girls included.

ID: 1438298

47. Mattel P.J. Sparkles Doll

She would light up when you hugged her!

ID: 1438536

48. Sky Dancers

ID: 1438552

49. Skip-It

Was this not the most pointless game ever?

ID: 1435101

50. Baby Born

ID: 1438586

51. Dream Skater

ID: 1438595

52. The Dollymaker

This one was a little weird yet totally fascinating — you’d make little plastic doll molds. Mine always came out a mess of colors.

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53. Playmobil Dollhouse

ID: 1438628

54. Magic Nursery Babies

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55. And, the ultimate: Power. Wheels. Barbie. Car.

If you had this…life dream status attained.

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