10 Times Ken Really Got The Short End Of The Stick

The ’80s and ’90s were a dark time for Ken.

1. The time Barbie made him wear a gold lamé tuxedo jacket.

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2. The time Magic Curl Barbie insisted that Ken match not just with his sweater, but also with the height of his hair with her.

ID: 1285846

3. The time he was good for only one thing — “perfume giving” — and he had to do it in a silver jacket, no less.

ID: 1285859

4. The time when YET AGAIN, Ken had to wear a silver jacket for an event — this time so he could present Barbie with her award. God, it’s always about her.

ID: 1285866

5. The time Ken was duped into dressing like his middle school art teacher.

ID: 1285871

6. The time Barbie forced Ken to join the Village People. (Well, “forced” may be an exaggeration…either way that necklace isn’t doing anyone any favors.)

ID: 1286064

7. The time Ken grew out his hair and then all of a sudden, people were calling him “Cali Girl.” Real mature, folks.

ID: 1286007

8. The time Ken went to the Philippine Islands and got duped into wearing this shirt.

ID: 1286040

9. The time went to the Philippine Islands and got duped into wearing THIS shirt.

ID: 1286017

10. Damnit! Shiny silver tuxedo again?! You gotta feel for this guy.

Poor Ken :(

ID: 1285794

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